Beyond Skill and Drill

 For the first time, all coaches can now have access to a leading-edge and user-friendly coaching method used by some of the world's best Olympic coaches. 

 This book is for every sport, every athlete and sportsperson, every sports coach and every coach developer. Whatever sport you coach or play, be it recreational or competitive, individual or team, beginner or elite including Olympic, this manual can help improve your performance. 

 An experienced sports coach can pick it up and start applying this knowledge to skill development and correction with athletes and players within a very short time. 

 The book is loaded with actual examples from many popular sports, including Olympic sports, of how Old Way/New Way® has been used by expert practitioners to correct and develop both physical and mental skills and help athletes and players achieve their personal best. 

 Beyond Skill and Drill can help make every coach a competent and confident practitioner in the Old Way/New Way® approach to sports coaching. 

 The eight chapters, each full of illustrative examples and practical instruction, cover the fascinating origin and theoretical underpinning of this coaching method; step-by-step application to specific performance problems in a wide range of sports; how coaches can integrate this generic coaching skill into their professional toolkit; and an extended annotated bibliography covering sports coaching and the many other applications of this performance  improvement methodology. 

The eBook covers the following topics.

  1. What's it all about?
  2. What's wrong with skill and drill coaching?
  3. Old Way/New Way® protocols explained
  4. Technique correction case studies: tennis; golf; swimming; American football; soccer; basketball; baseball; Olympic sprinting; physiotherapy; Olympic hammer throwing; cricket; Australian Rules football; lacrosse; lawn bowls; running 
  5. Mental skills, emotional states and attitudes
  6. Delivery modes
  7. Integrating Old Way/New Way® into a coach's professional toolkit
  8. Annotated bibliography 

 Beyond Skill and Drill shows coaches how to overcome the transfer of training problem and takes sports coaching into an entirely new world of rapid and continuous improvement. 

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