Sports Coaching Protocols Pocket Guide

Lift your coaching skills to a new level by adding this cost- and time-effective coaching tool into your coaching toolkit.

An affordable download pocket how-to guide is now available for coaches who do not want to start with an online course or ebook but who would still like to try using Sports Coaching Protocols® with their players or athletes.

This step-by-step printable guide empowers coaches with no prior knowledge of Old Way/New Way® to start using Sports Coaching Protocols® immediately.

The facing side of the brochure sets out all the information a coach needs to start using Sports Coaching Protocols®, including:

  • How to prepare for the skill or technique correction/sport transition session.
  • What information to have at hand before starting a session.
  • How to develop the player's or athlete's awareness.
  • What instructions to give to the player or athlete during and after the session.
  • What instructions to give during the debriefing.
  • What to do for follow-up and performance monitoring.

The reverse side of the brochure contains the following:

  • A concise explanation (theoretical underpinning) for Sport Coaching Protocols®
  • Guidelines for each step in the protocol.
  • Disclaimer.

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